Man has earned 1200 Platinum trophies on PlayStation but is angry with Sony for this reason

Hakam Karim is a disappointed man. He has just achieved the remarkable feat of earning his 1,200th Platinum trophy on the PlayStation Network, but isn’t really happy about it.

The reason is that “there is no recognition” from Sony for making this remarkable achievement.

A Platinum trophy is only awarded if a player manages to earn all the other trophies in a videogame. This means you’ve to spend hours upon hours to earn it. Just imagine how much effort this guy had to put in to earn a staggering 1200 of those.

It’s quite an exclusive club too, Hakam is the only guy apart from roughdawg4, who has managed to achieve this feat.

He reached his 1200 Platinum trophy after earning all the trophies the recently released game Nioh had to offer.

Hakam told Eurogamer, despite his glowing achievement, Sony hasn’t done anything to recognize it. “Sony treated me like a wall”, he said, “doesn’t show love towards its most loyal customer”, he complained.

In stark difference, Sony’s biggest competitor Microsoft, had publicly praised Xbox user Scallion83, after he achieved the unbelievable gamer score of 1,000,000. That’s not all they even gave him a free lifetime supply of Xbox Gold.

It would be nice for Sony to recognize this dude’s achievement.