Man’s home mistakenly set as Pokémon gym, huge problems arise


One man’s home in Massachusetts has been mistakenly set as a gym in the hugely successful augmented-reality game, Pokémon Go.

Pokémon Go designates certain locations like restaurants, plazas, theaters, actual gyms, churches, and so on, as Poké Stops and gyms in-game. That’s where this problem stems from, you see; Boon Sheridan and his wife live in an old church.

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The church was converted into their private living space, but Pokémon Go doesn’t seem to have taken that into account. As a result, Pokémon Trainers by the bunch are being brought to the Boon residence, to battle and train. Just see for yourself…

Fascinating, indeed. Apparently, Sheridan is attempting to correct the Poké Stop, as it really doesn’t have any business in being where he lives. So far, he can’t; Poké Stops, for the time being, can only be reported if they represent a physical risk to the well-being and safety of the players. Don’t worry – Sheridan seems safe enough, too.

In the meantime, Sheridan is live-tweeting the proceedings as they occur. It’s quite entertaining…

Sheridan is actually making the most of it, and is trying to turn his home into a sort of “hub” by the sounds of it. Players, of course, won’t actually be entering his home; they don’t need to. They’ll be going right outside it, though. He’s planning on having signs and lights that represent which team holds the gym currently, and so on.

Not to say he isn’t a little worried, too. Having your home become an “attraction” in a virtual world can implicate more than a few things. He’s asking the right questions, like the following:

Whatever the weather, we hope Sheridan finds peace soon. Until then, show him some love!

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And as always – stay safe out there, Trainers. Be wary of people like this, travel in groups, at reasonable hours, and don’t stray too far off the beaten path.