Mass Effect: Andromeda will give players this controversial relationship option

All signs point to Mass Effect: Andromeda being an absolute blockbuster, and nobody can wait to get their hands on it.

We’ve shared bits and pieces of details about the game, but for the most part – it’s best to just wait until you get the chance to play it for yourself so that it’s all a fresh experience.

Here’s something you can look forward to that’s not a spoiler at all: One night stands are going to be an option in ME:A. In a recent interview, a producer for the game named Fabrice Condominas revealed this tidbit about one night stands, and frankly it sounds like there’s going to be plenty of banging.

“You can have sex with a lot of people. I won’t tell if it is everyone or not, but it’s a whole lot of people. Plus you can even have one night stands.”

So, there are one night stands with a whole lot of people in the new Mass Effect, but it’s unconfirmed whether you can have one night stands with everyone.

image: ea

Also, Fabrice revealed some details about the new trust system in the game. Narratives and interactions will be impacted by whether or not you watch your tone, and basically adds a lot more nuance rather than just “talk to them and they’ll like you more.”

“So we’ve gone away from the binary system to this more nuanced system around tone choice, and this also allows us to bring more nuance to the trust system. So even that isn’t binary. But for each character there is a threshold and when you reach that ceiling, you will unlock loyalty missions. There are two main parameters to that; there are the dialogue choices, which breaks down to the reaction you take, the tone you choose and what choice you make. Then there is your behaviour. So were you aggressive the first time you started the conversation? Did you shoot first? Or were you more peaceful? So the threshold for each character is different, because it becomes based on their personality.”

So, if you’re looking to get your rocks off, you’re going to actually need some game. Simply pestering someone by talking to them a bunch and then doing missions for them won’t always be enough to get in their pants, bad news for all the nice guys out there.