Metal Gear Survive caught reusing old Metal Gear Solid 5 map

When Metal Gear Survive was confirmed, the first facet of intelectual property in Konami’s series not guided by the direction of Hideo Kojima, it was met with a confused if not incredibly curious reception. Essentially, it seems, it’s a new Metal Gear but with zombies and featuring survival elements. It’s clear to see why some gamers were surprised, if not baffled.



There was a recent gameplay demo of MGS: Survive at Tokyo Game Show that revealed how it seems very, very similar to the structure and format of Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. So let’s break it down with the help of some useful video evidence.

Here’s the original reveal at Tokyo Game Show of Survive’s gameplay:

Arguably, on the surface, the gameplay looks like a straight-up mod of The Phantom Pain. It bears a lot of similarities to (SPOILERS) the later half of the campaign in which soldiers are corrupted by a virus and appear in a zombie-like form.

To further investigate the similarities between the location/map of Afghanistan, a YouTube user has posted a video on a comparison of the map between Phantom Pain and Survive. Check it out below:

It really does seem that the maps hold a large comparison between them – especially in structures and textures such as walls, fences etc.

Let us know what you think: have Konami essentially copied the Afghanistan map from the Kojima directed Phantom Pain or is it just down to the game sharing the same DNA as what came before it?