Microsoft Just Gave The Perfect Response To E3 Leaks Today

Microsoft has not had an ideal start at E3. Various information that was supposed to be revealed during their upcoming E3 press conference, including videos and images, were leaked and discovered by NeoGAF users.

Since then, various trailer screenshots and other leaked information has been posted all day. Microsoft finally released a statement on the leaks.

xbox one slim

When inquired by GameSpot about the leaks, Microsoft sent the following ASCII emoji along with this link to their E3 page.


This definitely is the perfect response from Microsoft on this matter, showing that they can’t do much now but put up a brave face considering the information is already in the public domain.


The leaks could have been worse because users have not yet shared the full videos which has kept the fans waiting for their press conference.

Microsoft’s press conference has been scheduled at PDT 9.30 A.M (EDT 12.30 PM) tomorrow. Stay tuned with Fraghero for all the latest updates on E3.