This Might Be The Best Star Wars Battlefront Video Ever

Let’s kick off the new year with a light-hearted slapstick romp through Battlefront, including clips from Rogue One: Scarif, which is available as part of the Battlefront season pass.



Scarif includes two new heroes (Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic), infiltration mode with stories inspired by the film Rogue One, the U-wing vehicle, a variety of weapons, and more.

This pack was released late last year, and that’s exactly how long it took to put together the perfect compilation video of the best in-game moments that have been captured.

Battlefront is an epic game, but this hilarious video shows the lighter side of the dark side.

The new Star Wars Battlefront 2 is in the pipeline and is expected to drop in 2017. The reboot of Battlefront 1 was hugely anticipated, and generally well-liked, but there were still some issues that will likely be addressed in the next one. The critical reviews were, however, much more favorite than player reviews, some of the heat that the game took came from people having certain expectations and nostalgia around the original series.

There isn’t a ton of concrete information about Star Wars Battlefront 2 yet, although a few tidbits have leaked thus far. It was announced in 2016, and will include content from the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.