This Is a MMORPG Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Played

Have you ever wished you could live a life different than your own? Maybe you’ve always wanted to live off the land, but you can’t bear the outdoors, or maybe you’ve always wanted to rob banks but it’s illegal and you don’t want to go to jail.

Identity, a new MMORPG built on Unreal Engine 4, will let you live out all of your fantasies.

Asylum Entertainment’s upcoming blockbuster MMORPG promises to be the game that MMO fans have been waiting for- a life simulator that lets you have your dream job (and actually work it), your dream house, and your dream life.

The goal of developers was to create an open world MMORPG inhabited entirely by human players. The policemen in game are real people, as are the criminals they chase and the victims of the crimes. You can go off the grid and hunt for a living. You can work as a clothing retailer. Nothing outside of the normal realm of possibility is off the table.

Credit: Asylum Entertainment

The game is revolutionary and incredibly ambitious. The development team has built up a lot of hype and the expectations for Identity are very high. It might give the upcoming GTA MMO a run for its money. You can follow the development process of the game here.