Mod transforms Fallout 4 into a truly deadly survival experience

Fallout 4 has gotten numerous mods in the past, but this new mod transforms Fallout 4 into a deadly survival experience. Apart from this Frost Survival Simulator for Fallout 4, a new mod for Stellaris is also out. This mod transforms the game’s galaxy into an extended Star Wars universe. There is also a new mod for Skyrim which adds more NPCs you can trade with.


Frost Survival Simulator – Fallout 4

Image: PC Gamer

Image: PC Gamer

With this survival mod, most of the common NPCs are absent, and deadly new enemies have been added. The mod also changes the default radiation level to a very high level. The mod also features an interconnected tunnel in which you can use, if not fully geared.

You can download the Frost Survival Simulator mod from here.

Note: In order to use this mod you’ll have to disable all the Fallout 4 DLC’s as the mod is in alpha. You can read more details about the mod here.

Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided – Stellaris

Image: PC Gamer

Image: PC Gamer

An expanded Star Wars Universe in the Stellaris galaxy. This new mod is named Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided. The universe of this mod is static and offers 875 systems with static named and static placed planets. The mod also features Sith, Republic, Jedi, and Mandalorian. They’re supposedly adding Ewoks soon.

Here’s the Steam Workshop link for Star Wars: A Galaxy Divided mod.

Immersive Merchandising – Skyrim