Modern Warfare Remastered DLC map pack causes major fan backlash for costing more than original

Activision hasn’t seem to learn from the underwhelming performance of its last year’s Call of Duty release Infinite Warfare. The publisher has landed into another controversy, this time due to the upcoming DLC pack for Modern Warfare remastered.

The upcoming map pack called “Variety Map Pack”, which was also a DLC for the original game, is going to be a paid DLC pack. However, fans are particularly furious about it due to the reason that it costs more than original.

Fans are also furious for making the DLC pack paid in the first place, since most developers make DLC packs free for remastered versions. The original map pack was $10 while the new one is priced $14.99.

This has got a lot of heated criticism from the Call of Duty fans, and it is also visible on the teaser trailer released on Youtube which has got a lot of dislikes.