Modern Warfare Remastered just added an incredible feature the original never had

Activision have finally done something that people have been waiting for for a long time, and that’s adding playable female soldiers to the game.

Plenty of women play CoD: MW and totally own you on a daily basis, but you’d have on idea because every character is a man in the game. Granted, some women will definitely want to keep playing as the male avatars, because putting up a huge banner saying “I’M A WOMAN” in an online FPS can lead to even more harassment than everyone is already subject to in the game. Yes it’s just a game, yes it’s not real, but why not have the option to play as a character that at least matches your gender, if you’d like to?

image via: cod ghosts

image via: cod ghosts

In any case, it’s about time that this option existed in Modern Warfare, and it’s hard to fault Activison for going back in time to correct the omission. If they were adding front-line female combatants into a World War 2 shooter, for example, that might be kind of strange, but this is Modern Warfare. Female characters aren’t the only addition to the remastered version, however, Activision has also controversially added micro-transactions.

image: activision

image: activision

Here are some reactions from around the web about this latest addition: 

“CoD is about 360 noscoping and teabagging… I don’t think it’s that important whether female models exist or not. So, I guess, my thoughts are “meh”.” – GreatBaldung

“Cue the “Modern Warfare is promoting violence towards women” articles.” – TouchMyPokemon

“Assassin’s Creed multiplayer had female characters from the get-go, back in 2010.” – Kovitlac

“Why couldn’t they just give you the ability to play as a woman at the start of the game? I mean it doesn’t change the game to get that skin early on so what’s the point of unlocking it randomly?”


image: call of duty/youtube

This isn’t the first time that a Call of Duty game has featured female soldiers, however. While series’ like Halo and Gears of War have had playable women for quite a while, it took Call of Duty longer to catch on, first bringing in the option for Ghosts. Nora Salter, aka Salt, is also a fixture in Advanced Warfare.