Mysterious Flying Hacker Is Terrorizing Gamers On Battlefield 1 Multiplayer

battlefield1 flying hacker

A gamer from the gaming page Gaming Video Collab recorded this gameplay footage from Battlefield 1.

The video shows a gamer by the gamertag odaddyyyy flying around the map at fast speeds with pinpoint accuracy killing and shooting whatever he pleases. The video also shows him with 19 kills and 0 deaths on the scoreboard.

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This obviously breaks the game as battlefield 1 is set in WWI era (early 1900s). There was definitely no jet packs available to be flying around in. Many gamers feel this is toxic to the game and it’s communities, as many users are turned away from game in frustrating.

Battlefield 1 flying hacker

Here’s the video:

Here are comments from the gamer who recorded the video:

I only came across this on this map but it looked more like a hack than a map glitch, this has only been recorded on PC, I have only come across him and someone had commented on one of my video shares saying they came across the same user in another match doing the same thing, I could ask if he was on the same map as my video.The user in questions name was odaddyyyy on PC

I did get a good shot on him and it did 90 damage, I assume he can be killed, if he couldn’t my hit would not have registered for anything, it was just a well placed shot, sure wish I shot him down.

Battlefield 1 flying glitch