This Mysterious Game By The Producer of GTA Has The Internet Going Nuts

Everywhere. That’s the name of the game- and chances are, you’re going to be seeing it everywhere for the next few years.

Credit: Rockstar

It may be a little early to get excited about this upcoming title (we don’t have a release date yet), but Everywhere may be one of the largest video game undertakings of all time. The ex-Studio Head of Rockstar North, Leslie Benzies, is in charge of the project, and he’s brought a few other members of the Rockstar crew with him to work at his new studio. These guys have been working hard on Everywhere, which may be both their first game as well as their last.

Credit: Rockstar

That may sound ominous, but the reason it might be their last is because they plan to develop and grow Everywhere just like GTA Online. It will have incremental updates and will constantly be expanding. In fact, there’s a possibility that Everywhere could be the platform upon which other next-gen online games are built. According to the studio, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Credit: Rockstar

Now for a little about the game itself. Benzies and his team say that Everywhere is going to be an open-world RPG game similar to GTA, only with more character freedom. We don’t yet know if this means that there will be character classes or just more freedom of choice in general. In addition to expanding on the rather narrow character freedom found in GTA, Everywhere is also going to support “seamless” integration between multiplayer and single player modes. It’s an interesting concept and could be a huge success if the developers do a good job on it. The game will be hosted on Amazon’s MASSIVE servers, so there shouldn’t be much of an issue with the online host.

With current open game development trends, there is a possibility that Everywhere could go into open-alpha or open-beta, so keep your eyes open for a chance to play this incredible title.

All pictures in this article are from GTA V.