Naked Strippers Hired To Distract Competitive Gamers At Counter-Strike Tournament

Videogames are no longer just a hobby for people. It’s serious business and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The competitive gaming scene is thriving and bigger than ever and games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, DOTA and Counter Strike have transformed the scene to one similar to any other professional sport in the world.

Money, fame, fancy cars and celebrity status awaits anyone who is good enough to make the cut. We’ve seen the emergence of multiple E-sports tournaments for big titles such as DOTA: International and the ESL gaming league.


Millions of dollars in prize money and tremendous amount of sponsorship opps are at stake. Some countries have even inducted pro-gaming as a official course in their education curriculum.

And let’s not forget South Korea, where Starcraft is the unofficial national sport for the country. However, it’s not just Asian countries anymore where e-sports is a big crowd puller now since the western countries are also catching up.

Pro-gaming events have tens of thousands of people in attendance nowadays, with millions watching live streams from around the world. Big money and other rewards are at stake and teams who’ve worked as hard as any other professional athlete come from around the world to compete.


However, one has to think, are these guys getting it easy? Are they really deserving of all the fame and adulation that follows a successful e-sport career? Well, a group of people in Russia decide to find out.

During a Counter Strike tournament in Russia, the company hired professional strippers to distract the gamers who took part in the tournament. The strippers were hired to disturb the competitors and they went topless in their attempt to do so.

The girls carried out their business on top of tables and were all over the gamers competing. Surprisingly, the gamers continued with their game and distraction was little to none and mainly due to the physical advances made by the strippers rather than their naked bodies.


This just shows the level of focus and dedication that these hardened professional gamers posses. Heck, I would be having a boner mid-session leave alone score headshots in a videogame if a similar scenario presented itself to me.

Having said that, it’s really interesting to see how focused these gamers actually are and even copious display of nudity can’t sway them from their pro-gaming duties.

One Gamer To Another – We got this bro


Sorry babe, I have headshots to score.


What the hell is going on here?


Why don’t you play me instead?

6gO4l0o (1)

Damn Daniel. Why won’t you look at me?


You can view the full gallery at Imgur. Be advised gallery is NSFW.