Naming Plants and Animals in No Man’s Sky? Don’t bother doing it.

No Man’s Sky has seen a rather turbulent week since its release. The game was subject to a lot of hype from the gaming community and seems to have delivered a rather underwhelming experience.

Now, one of the game’s most sought after features have become suspect. As you might know, the game allowed players to name all their discoveries, from plants to animal they find in alien planets.


Now, as it’s turned out, it’s pointless doing so since as soon as you leave the planet, that data is apparently getting wiped out, all of it.

This means it’s useless spending time datamining the flora and fauna as you travel the galaxies as nothing gets saved and in case you decide to re-visit them, you need to start over. A redditor found this out the hard way –

So as I got closer to the center I thought to my self I should head back home good thing I set a waypoint on my starting planet to find my way back. I finally made it back after many hours and I found out all my discoveries were wiped and it said I discovered it on the 11th when I started on the 9th.. I check a few neighboring stars I discovered and their discovers were wiped.. So none of my named animals plants were ever saved. The system name and planet names were saved but everything elts was wiped. I’m kinda sad that after heading back that all that I discovered was never really saved except the system and planet names.. Edit:Thanks for the replies, seems like I have to re explore my starting system all over again! Thanks HG!

The thread also has several other users confirming this observation to be true.  The only things that are permanently saved in No Man’s Sky after you discover them are systems and planet names, everything else gets wiped. These include save points, plants, animals and anything else that you name along the way.

no man's sky

After a short period of time, this data seems to be wiped out from the system. It’s unclear why such a move is being made by the developers but the obvious assumption is that they implemented this system in order to save memory as saving so many things can add up to a considerable file size over time. Fans aren’t buying it though and seem extremely miffed about it.

Now for the lighter side of things: