New Justin Beiber music video takes place entirely inside a VR videogame

Like it or not, if you want to take VR to the next level with more of a mainstream interest, tossing Justin Bieber into it isn’t going to hurt. His millions of adoring fans would clear headsets from the shelves in a matter of moments if there was a new VR game that allowed you to interact with The Biebs. For now, they’ll have to settle for his new music video.

From robberies, high-speed getaways, and enjoying the spoils afterwards, the new music video for “Let Me Love You” by Justin Bieber takes place inside a GTA-esque Virtual Reality world complete with babes, backstabbing, and a co-op story mode.

It’s a pretty cheesy video, and just trying to piggyback on a trend, and the ending is pretty weird (if you can make it that far.)

The end of the video takes you out of the VR world and shows two kids in their own rooms playing as the male and female protagonists from the game. Okay, we get it, it was virtual reality all along. Then you think about to the earlier parts in the video where their characters were grinding against each other in bed and who-knows-what-else, and it’s just… creepy.

Here are some other ideas for Bieber-based VR games we’d like to check out: