New ‘Killzone Mercenary’ Details

On a report today revealed a New Killzone Game Leaked by Magazine Cover. The new details have emerged from a Polish magazine PSX Extreme. According to the magazine, the new Killzone will most likely  import for PS Vita.

Here are  new information about ‘Killzone Mercenary’  from PSX Extreme.

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– Engine is nearly 1:1 from PS3 version
– They added a few new gimmicks to the engine, so they can utilize more PS Vita
– Game is gorgeous, clear and crispy textures, big draw distances
– Character models are awesome, the same with animation
– Stable FPS even with gigantic action inside levels
– Literally – game is like portable Killzone 3, looking better than Uncharted.


Later this week more  “Killzone Mercenary” details is expected to be shared this week on the PlayStation Blog