New Nintendo Console Is Portable With Detachable Controllers

There’s been a lot of hype and speculation recently about Nintendo’s next console foray, the Nintendo NX. It’s been pretty low key so far, but recently some new information has come to light about it, and it’s rather interesting indeed.

The new NX will apparently primarily be a handheld console. It will resemble the bottom half of a DS, with a large center screen with two control sections on either side. The interesting bit is that these side controls can be removed from the console itself, leaving just the screen.

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Along with that, the console will come with a docking port to plug it into, allowing you to show what you’re currently playing on the NX on your TV screen at home.



Furthermore, the NX will be sporting Nvidia’s Tegra mobile processor to play its cartridge based games on. This follows the trend of Nintendo focusing more on game quality than graphical quality.

That isn’t to say the system will have poor graphical quality, merely that Nintendo is focusing on other aspects. The Tegra will allow Nintendo to cram all they need into the handheld NX to produce a system that can handle their new releases, all while still remaining graphically pleasing.

Speaking of games, due to the rather large shift in technology used to develop the NX, it will most likely not be backwards compatible. However, it will still support downloaded content without a doubt, so all of the titles from yesteryear that you enjoyed will still be available through that. Or, you can pick up some of those through the miniature NES that will also be getting released soon.



Pretty cool right? Nintendo has always been ones to create their own path, regardless of what’s popular or what other companies are doing. They’ve been innovating since video gaming began, and remained one of the biggest names in the business. They may falter now and again (such as the with the Wii U release and early 3DS control stick debacle), but they always pull through to deliver something amazing.

It’ll be very interesting to see what tricks Nintendo employ with the detachable controllers, and what new games we’ll (theoretically) get with a portable home console. The NX is due for release in March for next year, so it’s not long to wait before we get see what Nintendo has in store for us.