New PlayStation 4 system and User Interface images

Sony has shared some of the PlayStation 4 console and the User interface images. A new re-design for the user interface has been revealed which shows a new look for the message system along with the PlayStation Store and user profile re-design.

Many of the PS4 images were released back in June during E3 2013 but most of them are pretty much new. Check them out below.

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PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_012 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_011 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_010 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_009 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_005 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_006 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_007 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_008 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_003 PlayStation-4_2013_07-23-13_002