New Pokemon Go update allow trainers to check hidden stats

Most of the players of Pokemon Go are busy filling their Pokedex, while some other trainers are constantly trying to find the Pokemon with the best “IV” stats. Every species of Pokemon has a common base but their individual stats ascertains how strong they are.

Earlier, the players of the game were unable to check the Pokemon Go stats in the game itself and had to take help from some third party apps. However, the recent update will allow players to check their IV stats in the game itself.



The update, Pokemon Go version 1.5.0 (or 0.35.0), adds the new ‘Pokemon Appraisal’ feature to the game which will allow the players to control the attack and defensive capabilities of their Pokemon.

The team leaders will also assist them in choosing the strongest Pokemon at their disposal for gym battles by giving them advice about how effective it is against the Pokemon defending the gym.

The modern Pokemon games have a feature called stats judge, and the ‘Pokemon Appraisal’ will work similarly. However, ‘Pokemon Appraisal’ will have more features than stats judge as the latter only gives the players a general idea of Pokemon IV stats.

Pokémon GO


This new feature will definitely please the hardcore players of Pokemon Go. However, this update won’t bring in any other features,  but the note that Niantic is currently working on some really ‘exciting new features’ for Pokemon Go.

On the other hand, Niantic has been very active in banning cheaters and third party apps. The update also has a line which mentions ‘minor bot fixes’, which could mean another step from Niantic to crack down on the automated bots.

The new update of Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS app stores.