New Postal 2 Update Opens Secret Area That Was Closed For 13 Years

Postal 2, the black comedy open ended first person shooter game which was released back in 2003 for PC is back in the news again.

The game had a roped off-section in its Paradise Mall location with a sign board that read, “Closed for renovation. Reopening June 2016.” As June 2016, has already passed by, the place has unbelievably reopened. It is a bit surprising because Postal 2 is a game from 2003.

When you enter the new location, you can find a HTC Vive VR headset, which promises to give you a glimpse of the future. After that you are taken to a physical ‘Steme’ store which has a striking resemblance with Steam (and has a dick for a logo).


The whole idea is actually an ad for Postal Redux, which is an high definition version of the first Postal game. However, the idea was nice, creative and really funny, especially the ‘Steme’ shop part.

The shelves of the shop had games with fake names like Half-Loaf 3, DOOT IV etc. The guy at the store even advises you not buy Postal 3, which is a very good idea indeed. Once you come back to the present in the game your character murmurs, “Well, I suppose that was worth the wait.”


It is nice to see developer Running With Scissors still very much dedicated to the game even after 13 years of its release. They had been quietly updating Postal 2 since 2014 and finally delivered this funny little joke.

Postal was recently included in our list of the top ten most savage games of all time: