New Shooter Game is Blowing Away Big Budget Titles

A new PC game is picking up a lot of internet hype recently, with many big name youtubers putting out videos and livestreams, and lots of chatter on social media and gaming forums. The general consensus is quite positive. It’s called Battlegrounds and it’s giving AAA shooters with massive budgets a run for their money. The full title is PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, referring to Brendan Greene, who created the Battle Royale mod for the Arma 2 mod DayZ. After moving over to Arma 3 upon its release, they were hitting 50,000 active monthly players in Battle Grounds.

Brendan was contacted by someone at Daybreak Game Company (Formerly Sony Online Entertainment, the people who put out games like Everquest, Planetside, H1Z1) to license the last man standing idea to create a new mode for H1Z1.

image: battlegrounds youtube

Fast forward to last week, when Battlegrounds dropped and has been getting a great reception so far. After working on Battle Royale for years as a passion project, it’s all evolved into something completely next-level. From “Hmm, I wonder if I could make a DayZ mod?” to having one of the hottest new titles.

With PLAYERUNKNOWN as the creative director, Battlegrounds is still in its early access stage, so things are only going to keep getting better. It’s priced under $40 for now, and you can grab it on Steam if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

image: battlegrounds youtube

This competitive shooter drops you off on an island that’s 8km by 8km, and you’ve got to explore this massive map looking for weapons, gear, and supplies as you fight to be the sole survivor. The last person standing wins. You can try to hide, but then you’ll be in big trouble later on when everyone else has better weapons and more supplies, so there are elements of strategy in here, and even teamwork. There are also duo and squad game modes if you’d rather not have to think about killing an ally, and want to share your victory instead.

You can only carry a limited amount of weight, so you’ll be stuck deciding which items are going to help you the most and which ones you can do without.