New survival game has a post-apocalyptic setting no one has ever done

When you think post-apocalyptic in a game, you’re probabally imagining wastelands, deserts, lots of brown and dark color palettes. Maybe space, where humankind has had to move after the earth was destroyed, but either way – here’s a new take on the setting.

Impact Winter is an upcoming survival game by Bandai Namco and Mojo Bones set to release on May 22nd.

You play as a man named Jacob who has to survive in a winter wasteland caused by an asteroid that hit the earth, sending dust and debris into the atmosphere and triggering a horrific shift in the earth’s climate. The oceans are frozen, just about everyone and everything is dead, and a small group has to try to survive with the hope that help will soon arrive.

You’ll have to venture outside of your shelter to discover resources to help with crafting things to help you survive, to boost the power of your rescue beacon, and to help you when you have to venture out again into the horrific frozen wasteland. You’ll have to navigate carefully, and plan your voyages strategically, because if you get caught in a whiteout without enough resources or unable to find your way back, that’s trouble.

Your rescue beacon can be boosted in order to slightly reduce the amount of time until help arrives, which starts at 30 days. The exploration can lead you to all sorts of different places, but how far will you dare to go?

To top it off, there’s a very fitting soundtrack that really ties everything together. You might think a snowy world would get a bit boring, but there’s enough going on in the different settlements and areas that you explore, that it shouldn’t feel dull or repetitive.

Impact Winter will be avaiable for download on Steam on May 22nd for $20.