This new videogame is currently Steam’s best seller and taking Twitch by storm

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, a multiplayer battle royale shooter, developed by Bluehole and Brendan Greene, just hit early access on Steam a few days ago and is taking both the digital distribution service and Twitch by storm.

The game is currently number one on Steam’s best seller list and also 3rd on the most streamed games list on Twitch.

Part of the game’s popularity is due to the involvement of Brendan, who gave birth to genre by making mods for Arma 2 and 3.

Speaking to PC Gamer, Brendan explained how he is prepared to handle the large number of users online now that game’s in Early access:

We’re using AWS so we’ve built up an auto-scaling self-repairing server system that basically, as player numbers increase, does everything automatically. So we just press go, and it does everything else itself, so it’s a really great system. We will prepare for quite a high [player count] but the system will scale up as it’s needed anyway.

You can take  a look at the game’s trailer below –