The Next Fallout 4 DLC Might Take Place in a Creepy Abandoned Amusement Park

Another week, another Fallout 4 rumor. While rumors about the game have died down since release, people still can’t help but dig into whatever they can find that hasn’t been officially announced yet, and the hottest of topics is usually future DLC plans. It also doesn’t hurt that Far Harbor is being released in 3 days.

Now, we’re fairly certain that Bethesda is waiting until their E3 press conference to announce further DLC plans for Fallout 4. After all, that was the reason for them increasing the price of the season pass from $30 to $50 back on March 1st.

image from Jason Knight (lostlosangeles)

image from Jason Knight (lostlosangeles)

Alas, Fallout 4 fans are never satisfied and always digging. This time, they went into the game’s files and discovered that the next DLC may be named “Nuka World,” which possibly points at a post-apocalyptic theme park. Who wouldn’t be excited for that?

In the real world, you can find pictures online of abandoned theme parks, and they’re always so interesting and haunting to see. The very thought of exploring one in Fallout sends shivers down my spine.


via Nara Dreamland

Discovered in the /fo4 reddit, user flashman7870 posted a thread in which he shows a screenshot of some game files. The screenshot (below) shows something named ‘DLCNukaWorld.esm’. Also highlighted are additional Workshop DLC’s that fans have speculated about, to further expand settlement building. Either way, this seems like a very legitimate rumor and we’re definitely excited to possibly explore Nuka World.


via flashman7870