Niantic admits Pokemon Go bug is making catching Pokemon extremely hard

Pokemon GO has been going through some major game altering changes since its latest 0.31.0 update, including the elimination of its tracking system, the disabling of third-party Pokemon tracking apps, and drastic DPS changes. However, a new bug has come to surface in regards to actually attempting to catch Pokemon in the game.

It looks like this bug is making it more difficult to catch Pokemon by increasing the “break out” rate of captured Pokemon, along with Poke Balls curving more when players are actually throwing them pretty straight. XP bonuses are also void for a lot of players when a curve ball or nice throw occurs. A tweet from Pokemon GO‘s Twitter account has addressed this issue, which you can see below.


Secondary92 has started a Reddit thread discussing the change in Pokemon capture rates, and there seem to be a handful of people encountering the same issues. Personally, I’ve also come across this problem very frequently. I should not have to waste over 20 Poke Balls to capture a 100 CP Rattata. I’m learning to just give up and flee from common high-maintenance Pokemon.

image via reddit

image via reddit

Niantic plans to patch this bug, hopefully sooner rather than later. I’m sure they’ve had plenty to deal with since the game’s latest update his cell phones, especially since there is another reported glitch that is altering the actual Pokemon people have been capturing.

The game is still bringing in some heavy revenue despite the issues with the game, but its top spot in the Apple App Store has been given away. I don’t think Poke-fever has died down yet, but the decrease on app charts and overall interest will continue to occur the longer these bugs continue to linger around.