Niantic Designer Just Leaked Details About Next Version of Pokemon Go

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Pokemon GO has been out for a while now, and holds now only a fragment of the player-base it once had; as expected, too. It takes a pretty special game to not lose popularity over time.

Sometime soon, though, players might have something to finally return for. With the fairly regular updates not quite cutting it any more, users are looking for something fresh and new to help keep things interesting. That’s where Gen 2 comes in.

Pokemon GO


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Gen 2 will introduce tonnes of new Pokemon to catch, new gameplay features, and more. Raza Ahmad, speaking at the FuturizeX, had the following to say on what’s to come for the game (thanks,

Pokémon GO is in the very beginning of what you will see in the fullness of time. This is page one of chapter one. It’s not even fully released! We’re still trying to adapt to the needs of our player base, and we’re trying to adhere to the vision of how to build a community game based on the principles of augmented reality.

Pokemon GO


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Basically, we can expect big things come Gen 2’s eventual release at some point next year – perhaps big enough things to drag us all back into the game. I’ll probably pass, but it’ll be nice to see the community getting back together again.

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