Niantic rolls out secret update for Pokemon nests in Pokemon Go

If you’re a frequent Pokemon Go player, you might know that Pokemon nests exist in the game. Basically, these are specific spots where the same type of Pokemon spawn every few hours.

Niantic hasn’t really disclosed this aspect of gameplay yet, but it’s a known fact across the world. Millions have encountered these nests and it’s a great way to get your daily dose of Pokemon and also evolve the specific types (featured in these nests) by collecting more candy.


Thousands of users are now reporting that, earlier today, Niantic rolled out a stealth update, which has changed the types of Pokemon found in these nests. For instance, if your locality had a Pikachu spawn nest, it might have been changed to a Charmander nest, and so on.

It also appears that some of these nests which featured a certain type of Pokemon, have been replaced with another certain type of Pokemon across the world. For example, if you had a nest featuring Pikachus in your locality, it might now spawn Ekans instead. Several players are reporting the same:

Pikachu nest changed to an Ekans one down the street from me.

There’s mixed reactions about this change from the community. Some people are delighted as the nests around their location featuring weak Pokemon have been replaced with nests that spawn stronger ones, while others are miffed as the nests they had access to that spawned stronger Pokemon have been replaced with ones spawning weaker ones.



We think it’s a great update since it’ll shake things up a bit and offer variety to people, and it also forces them to change their strategies to an extent. Have the Pokemon spawning in a nest you have access to changed as well?