Nintendo has confirmed this game-breaking Super Mario Run bug

After only a couple days, Super Mario Run has amassed millions of downloads and has people questioning whether or not it could be the next “Pokemon Go.” This simple game, with a simple premise, has a surprising amount of depth to it compared to a typical run-and-jump mobile game. It’s been a good couple of weeks for mobile gamers, and between Tricky Trip and now Super Mario Run, you’re pretty much covered when it comes to casual holiday gaming.



“The App may automatically shut down if it cannot friend candidates when you link Facebook to your friend list. This will not affect your saved game data and if you reboot the App, you will be able to play again. We are looking into a solution for a future update and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused in the meantime.”

So, be careful if you try to connect your Run game with your Facebook account if you don’t have any other friends that have previously linked the game.

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There’s not going to be an Android version of Super Mario Run until sometime in 2017, but Android owners can find some gems here.

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Other than that issue, people seem to be enjoying Super Mario Run. It’s cool to see Nintendo putting in a strong effort as they finally set aside their stubbornness and desire to dominate the mobile gaming market, by acknowledging that maybe cellphones are actually here to stay, and people would love to play Nintendo’s beloved characters on their phones. It’s unclear how many people played through the demo content and moved on, and how many people took the plunge and paid the price for the full game, but early estimates could see this being a massive money maker for Nintendo.



The price seems to be the number one complaint around the web. For a Nintendo title, it’s really not that much in comparison. It seems like a lot at the outset, but a lot of people have spent more than $10 on items and upgrades for a mobile game at one point or another.