Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer has Hidden Mario Kart Game Announcement

Nintendo Switch

Earlier today, Nintendo finally unveiled it’s highly anticipated next console – essentially a portable home console, it’s been fittingly named the Nintendo Switch. Alongside the console announcement, we also received an bunch of information simply through the games shown. One game in particular, though, well, it looked promising. 

It might have been Mario Kart 8. Then again, it might have been something else entirely – because we spotted something we’ve yet to see in the eighth instalment; King Boo.

Nintendo Switch

Now this, might just be more DLC for Mario Kart 8 – we’ve already seen two DLC packs already, featuring new courses and characters. Perhaps Nintendo wanted to give us a little more. Another theory suggest that it’ll be a remastered version, but that seems unlikely given that it wasn’t released that long ago and holds up well with today’s standards.

Which leaves us with a third and final theory: could we have just had our first look at Mario Kart 9? Sure, eight wasn’t released that long ago at all, but wait a second.

Nintendo Switch

There are several other noticeable differences between eight and whatever we saw in the Switch announcement:

  1. There are slots for two mystery box items, not just one. In Mario Kart 8there’s just one.
  2. The splitscreen HUD layout is different.

It’s all speculation, of course, but could it hold any truth? Let’s hope so, because more Mario Kart never hurt anybody. Keep an eye on Fraghero in the coming weeks as more information undoubtedly emerges – like this full list of developers that will support the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch launches in March next year, and will likely come with launch titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, and what we can only assume is a new Mario game titled ‘Super Mario Switch.’  I mean, come on, that name is perfect.

Check out the announcement below.