Nintendo Switch users are experiencing this major issue while using the console in docked mode

Initially upon release there were some issues with the Nintendo Switch and the dock, like how it can potentially scratch the screen from docking and removing it a few times. This was popping up for people almost right away, and was featured in a variety of Youtube videos showing the problem. Other users complained that the dock itself felt kind of cheap and flimsy, but the Nintendo’s dock problems don’t end there.

Nintendo‘s unique and innovate design comes with a slew of problems that seem to impact a small number of users. As far as we can tell now, this isn’t a widespread issue, so it could have more to do with quality control than an inherent design flaw, but it’s still too early to say definitively.

Users on reddit and on the NeoGAF forums have been reporting that keeping their Switch in the dock for prolonged periods of time is actually causing the system to bend and warp, leaving it with a slight curve. In some cases, you need a straight object like a ruler to even notice it, but other cases are visible just with the naked eye.

Some users have reported the system getting incredibly hot after playing Breath of the Wild for extended periods of time in docked mode, whereas others haven’t had the issue at all. Nintendo has yet to issue a statement about the bending Switch consoles.