No Man’s Sky Creator Receives Death Threats Over Game Delay

What a time to be alive. The internet has brought us many good things, including but not limited to: online gaming, free porn, this website, and of course, a bird’s eye view on the absurdity of humanity.

No Man’s Sky creator Sean Murray has officially delayed the game’s release from June 21st to August 9th, which is about a month and a half later than expected. A normal person hears this news, assumes there is a logical reason for the delay, becomes slightly disappointed, and moves on with their lives. However, welcome to the internet.

no mans sky 3

via Hello Games

Sean has been receiving death threats over this news. We learned of this through a tweet he made, where he mentions that his studio now looks like the house from Home Alone.

This reminds me of a certain late night talk show host that offended the gaming community by implying “people who watch other people play games are idiots.” Jimmy Kimmel also received numerous death threats over a simple comedy bit.

Human gamers seem to contain an above average cohort of angry internet trolls, which hurts me to say, being that I’m a gamer myself. Reacting this way hurts the entire community, but it seems they’re not going away.


via Hello Games