No Man’s Sky data miner finds possible player avatar and a Half-Life logo

One weird thing about No Man’s Sky is that the in-game avatar of the player cannot be seen. It makes it impossible for players to know who or what they are actually playing as in the game. The game doesn’t even have a multiplayer version at the moment, which could have allowed players to have any chance of catching a glimpse of themselves.


However, a player named Hugo Peters has been able to data mine a some facts about the game’s playable character. He has derived 3D model of the character in the process, which can be seen above. The details about the character was posted on NeoGAF and it looks like mechanical astronaut who has a computer system like looking thing on its chest. The astronaut also can be seen wearing a jetpack on his back.


The post also shares details about other things that were derived from the code. There’s is also a Half-Life 2 logo which can be seen in a folder named ‘Tests,’ whereas some other folders suggest that it was a prototype version of the game for PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. This could mean that No Man’s Sky was in development for a longer time than we previously expected.


Various other details were also found by Peters, which includes a rocket like ship, inflated sharks, and a squid-like creature. You can find all the details about Hugo Peters’ findings in this NeoGAF post.