No Man’s Sky has a really annoying sprint button, but here’s how to fix it

No Man's Sky, Hello Games (source:

If you’re a console player, the sprint option in a game is typically toggled with the left thumb stick. But what did No Man’s Sky do? They flipped it around on us by throwing it onto the right thumb stick. Annoying, right?

Apparently there are even a ton of players that didn’t even realize there was a sprint option in the game, probably since it’s not located it the usual spot. But how does one fix this issue? Take a look at the steps below in order to change around your PlayStation 4’s settings to accommodate a wonky sprint button, since No Man’s Sky doesn’t have a way to alter it yet.

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  • Head into the “Accessibility” in the settings option of your PS4
  • Check the “Enable Custom Button Assignments” box
  • Click on “Customize Button Assignments”
  • Scroll down to the “L” button, and press “X” to reassign it to the “R” button

Reassigning the “L” and “R” buttons won’t swap the actual sticks, just L3 and R3.

No Man's Sky, Hello Games

No Man’s Sky, Hello Games

Although this will make your sprinting abilities much easier to control in No Man’s Sky, please be aware that configurating these settings will affect all other games on your PS4. Hopefully the game will offer a way to personalize your controls in game, but for now, this will have to serve as the best option if the game’s sprint button really bothers you that much.