No Man’s Sky mod allows you to fly your ship close to the ground, inside caves and underwater


There is a good news for No Man’s Sky players who were complaining that the game doesn’t allow them to fly their ships closer to the ground. Their issue has been addressed with a new mod called The LowFlight mod, developed by Hyteki.

This new mod will allow players to have control over the altitude of their ships, meaning that they would be able to fly it as low as they want. Ships can now be taken through the inside of the caves, valleys or between trees with ease.


Another positive of this mod is that players will now be able to spot their items of interest clearly. Earlier, it was difficult to spot such items from a higher altitude. Now, landing will also be much easier than before for players as they will be able to have a closeer look at the place where they would want to land.

The new mod also adds the feature of bringing your ship underwater. However, taking your ship underwater is not much fun as the viewscreens go blank and you cannot have a look at all the other underwater features.



Have a look at the video below have a better idea of the mod by Hytek.

On the other hand, when you fly low using the mod, you’ll have a chance to easily damage your ship by crashing into tress, rocks, mountains, etc. You’ll need to be a little more careful while using the mod and flying low.

Note: As this is a third party mod, so it has the chance to mess up with your game in some ways. Please be cautious before proceeding to use it.