No Man’s Sky Players Are Finally Finding Hidden Messages Left by Others

The huge Foundation update to No Man’s Sky that just dropped has added a lot of new things to keep players busy, with a lot more slated for the horizon. One of the new additions that didn’t get as much attention is a messaging system. A lot of the messages are exactly what you’d expect, but this new “message in a bottle” aspect of game play gives you a sense of companionship in lonely Space, if only for a fleeting moment.

image: no man's sky

image: no man’s sky

Here’s more information about the patch.

There’s an option to report inappropriate messages, and to block particular users altogether. For the most part, it’s nothing too risque, just a lot of basic little trips and tricks to help other players along the way. However, this does open up the door for some creative people to do some pretty cool things.

Some users have debated whether other people can see the messages at all, and have been hard at work testing different outcomes to figure out exactly how this new system works. As you can see below, there are block and report buttons, so clearly these messages are coming from other players.

"Everyone join the party!" (Image: itsnotaboutslots/reddit)

“Everyone join the party!” (Image: itsnotaboutslots/reddit)

So far, there we haven’t seen any messages come out that were overly interesting, but it’s only a matter of time.

You aren’t just going to log in and start being overwhelmed with messages though, but if you want to increase your chances of stumbling across something, go to the center where you’ll have better odds of encountering people. Use the scan button on the galactic map, and find somebody’s system. If they’re still there, go and place a communications station nearby. Now, pop a message in and you’re set.

image: no man's sky

image: no man’s sky

Some people have been encountering issues where they’ll leave a messaging, only to return the next time they load their base, and it’s gone. It seems like this new messaging system is working for some people, but others are still having issues with it or possibly encountering glitches.