No Man’s Sky Servers Are Officially Being Wiped Before Launch

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games plans to reset the game’s servers before the game launches, meaning that everyone will start with a clean slate on day one.


Harry Denholm, senior programmer at the studio, said on Twitter today that the No Man’s Sky “servers are being wiped Sunday.” It’s possible to play the game offline which is why the PS4 version of the game will not require a Playstation Plus subscription.

Personally, I like it when developers do this. It gives everyone a fair starting chance when starting the game as not everyone is as lucky as others to get games early. So whether you’re the guy who spent $1300 to get an ultra early copy or you plan to pick it up on launch, it doesn’t matter anymore.

It’s safe to say there’s an incredible amount of hype surrounding the release.

credit: Hello games

credit: Hello games

No Man’s Sky launches Aug. 9 on PS4 and Aug. 12 on Windows PC. For more on the game, we’ll keep you posted when more information comes to surface.