No Man’s Sky update: Murray ‘fine,’ team working on next update

After his studio being flagged for investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the massive backlash on what was a hugely special game to him, and just events in general, we’d imagine Sean Murray isn’t doing too well just now.

Well, apparently, he’s ‘fine.’ We’re glad to hear it, because he doesn’t really deserve half the trouble he’s been receiving recently. Some of the more sympathetic, caring fans have reached out to the studio to ask how they’re doing (via, Express).

No Man's Sky

Someone on the team replied, too; Audio Chief Paul Weir. He offered the following, in regards to the team,  their current plans for No Man’s Sky, and Sean Murray.

Sean is fine and we’re all busy on the next patch.

And replying to concerns regarding Hello Games’s silence (I don’t blame them), he replied:

I’m afraid I have nothing useful to say. It’s entirely up to Hello or Sean as to when they want to talk publicly.

No Man's Sky

This news follows shortly after it was determined that No Man’s Sky is now the lowest rated Steam game of all time.

Hopefully the team is doing well; and I’m excited to see what’s in store for No Man’s Sky in future updates. For all the best on No Man’s Sky, Hello Games, and more, keep an eye on Fraghero.