Nobody has been able to solve this secret Battlefield 1 mystery

Battlefield 1 isn’t a suspense game but players are on a hunt to solve a strange mystery that has them finding headphones and strange morse code messages in various maps of the game.

The mystery was first spotted by eagle-eyed Reddit user RHabib as he found headphones across many multiplayer maps of the game. Soon others joined the hunt but there’s still no clear answers yet.


These players are trying to put the pieces together by collecting all headphones they can find and also the morse code messages that are being relayed by specific military communication stations across maps.

Interestingly, only those who have the headphones can hear these secret messages being delivered. However, the morse code isn’t really making much sense as it seems to be encrypted and players are trying hard to decipher them. An example being the morse code found in Fao Fortress map that translates to “PSVE KOU7BNI MAKAH ZHTI.”

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A youtuber tries to explain how much progress is being made in uncovering the mystery so far and what might be the possible outcomes once the puzzle is cracked, but for now the mystery continues to keep players guessing and on their toes.