This Nokia Phone Saved A Man’s Life By Stopping A Bullet

Technology is good for a lot of things. Saving lives – in one way or another – has been achieved by the advancement of technology.  Never quite like this however. A Nokia user has revealed that the phone actually saved his life directly. Nokia are known for the tough durability of their handsets, but never quite like this. The Nokia phone actually stopped a bullet from hitting the individual involved.

Nokia phones, particularly the Nokia 105, are known to be tough but stopping a bullet is whole different story. It should be said, that the man in Afghanistan was also very lucky. The phone was most likely very tough, but luck was also on his side too.

The Nokia 105 is actually one of the cheapest handsets that the company have produced which makes the story that even more remarkable.



So it seems that the Nokia 105 can offer something that an iPhone or an Android can’t – bulletproof materials. It should be reiterated, the man in Afghanistan was very lucky. Although the phones are indeed very tough, the fact that the phone stopped a bullet is a very rare occurrence and the man was lucky to remain unhurt.

Check out the Tweet below that revealed the bullet stopped by the handset.