Norman Reedus takes a shot at Konami after new Kojima game announcement

Yesterday evening during [email protected], at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, one of gaming’s most esteemed and beloved names made a thrilling return to the industry. Amid the screams and cheers of pretty much everyone in the audience (and the rest), Hideo Kojima stepped onto the stage.

The cheers and shouts died down, eventually. That is, until Kojima’s simple words “I’m back” sent them spiraling again. Kojima didn’t waste time. A brief word or two later, we’d have our first glimpse into Kojima’s newest game, Death Stranding. And naked Norman Reedus, as you do.

Death Standing

Incidentally, this wasn’t the last we’d see of Norman Reedus that evening, because just shortly after the conference, he posted the following (photoshopped) image on his Instagram, bigbaldhead.



Seems that Reedus is a tad pissed at Konami, and not without reasons. His last game, title P.T., which was to be a Silent Hill game, was canned by Konami after its fallout with Kojima. Kojima went on to form his own studio, and the first game would be developed exclusive for the PS4.

Norman just couldn’t hold off his emotions once the announcement saw him make a comeback, in the lead role, of Kojima’s new game. This might just serve as the perfect recipe for rubbing salt in what are still fresh wounds for Konami.

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