One player is holding a 12 year old videogame secret hostage

In the online MMO Tibia, there’s a special door that you can only open if you’re level 999. People have been wondering and speculating what could be behind the door since 2005.

Waypoint reports that the first person to pass through the door spent 9 years carefully grinding to reach the level 999 milestone, but once they were able to pass through the door, they kept it a secret. Everyone was hoping they’d finally find out what was waiting, but instead, the player kept it to themselves.

This game can be grueling, especially as you level up. Not only does it get harder and harder, but you also lose experience anytime you die, so it takes some serious skill and patience to get to the higher levels and to stay there, let alone all the way to 999. Recently, someone else crossed the coveted milestone. Instead of keeping it a secret, they’ve decided to broker the information instead, offering it up to whoever is willing to pay the price.

image: waypoint

Want to find out what’s on the other side of the mysterious door without spending nearly a decade of perfect gameplay to get there? One of the two people to reach 999 has been setting up streams, and hyping them, and acting like he would reveal what’s behind the door, except when it’s go-time, other players were met with a donation request for $5000. It was then lowered to $2000, but so far it still remains a secret.

The two people who know the answer have drawn some heat from the community, and seem to be loving the whole thing, posting memes and soaking it all in. Make sure you check out Waypoint’s excellent in-depth coverage of the whole fiasco.

Some players are skeptical as to whether or not they’d even share the secret if they managed to raise enough money, at this point people aren’t too trusting of them. If there actually were people lining up to pay for this information, we can only imagine that the two people to pass 999 would start undercutting each other or one might even spill the beans just to troll the person trying to sell the information.

In any case, it’s still a secret… for now.