One ‘Pokémon GO’ player had a genius idea in order to catch all the Pokemon

We have come across various reports of Pokémon Go players doing unusual things to catch Pokémon. This time, one Pokémon GO player has come up with a genius idea to catch Pokémon.

Image: tumblr/perchbird

Image: tumblr/perchbird

According to Gizmodo, a player named Liam, who is also a programmer, has used his drone to catch Pokémon. He used a DJI Phantom drone, where he attached his phone using a duct tape to catch more Pokémon in less time.


Liam also used an app called AirDroid which allowed him to connect to his phone via the internet. He was being able to control his phone while it was still in the air with the drone.

Images of this amazing idea was posted by himself on Tumblr from his id Perchbird with the caption “I’m a cheater.”


Liam, however, wasn’t too successful in his mission as the range of the drone was limited. He was only able to use the drone over his backyard because the AirDroid app needed WiFi to work.

Liam is a resident of a Massachusetts, suburb and the nearest PokéStop is nearly a mile away. With some improvements and tweaks, however, this idea can very well be more successful.