This open world adventure game lets you hunt Dinosaurs in the wild

Have you ever wanted to lead a group of hunters to find and kill Dinosaurs in the pre-historic era? Well, if you’ve then you’re in luck as Kickstarter’s latest videogame sweetheart is promising to do just that.

A group of developers have come up with a game called Claw Hunter, which is an open world action-adventure game with RPG elements in it. It’ll allow you to command three characters who has their own set of special abilities.

The game takes place in the 17th century on an island full of Dinosaurs. The game also features a linear storyline and uses unreal engine to produce some stunning visuals.

It doesn’t only allow you to hunt dinos but also work with them. You can ride them, bring them to battle and various other activities. You can support the game here.

Check out this video to know a lot more about the game. Happy Dinosaur hunting and all that.