Original Solid Snake Voice Actor Reprises Classic Role In New Car Commercial

David Hayter is the original voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. He has finally reprised his role after being snubbed from appearing in Metal Gear Solid 5, much to the rage of many hardcore fans of the series.

via wired.com

via wired.com

Except this time it’s a bit different. David isn’t lending his vocal talents to a new game, but he did do the voice of Solid Snake for a Ford commercial. Yes, this is real life and this actually happened.

via youtube.com

via youtube.com

Well played, Ford:

Some people love it, some people are upset that Konami is “selling-out” their characters for car commercials. Mercenaries need to hold onto their artistic integrity, you know?

Here’s another one:

What do you think of these spots? Ford has these videos set to “unlisted“, so who knows how many other unusual advertisements they’re hiding from us on their Youtube channel?

Does anyone remember the Ford DBZ advertisement? 


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You might be thinking “Who the hell is going to buy a car just because the manufacturer pandered to fans of different pop culture figures?” But if you really think about it for a minute or two, you probably know at least one guy.

Update: Just noticed they did one of these for Captain Planet, too. BRB buying a Ford.

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