Overwatch 2’s PvE Story Campaign Might Not Be Single-Player

Overwatch 2 is launching across PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, but could be missing a vital feature of gaming. According to Blizzard top dog, Jeff Kaplan, the upcoming sequel might not actually have a single player campaign.

Credit: Blizzard

The rumour comes from the Blizzard forums, where a user asked Kaplan about Overwatch 2’s PvE and PvP plans. Kaplan responded: “For PvE we add a full story arc told through story missions (even though it’s a linear story I am reluctant to all it a campaign because it’s co-op, not single player).”

Overwatch 2 Gameplay Trailer

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Posted by FragHero on Monday, November 4, 2019

After months of rumours and leaks, Blizzard finally confirmed that Overwatch 2 exists at their BlizzCon 2019 conference last November. Like its predecessor, it’s going to be a fast-paced team shooter, where players take control of fantastical characters with special powers. 

But perhaps the biggest thing fans took away from BlizzCon was the introduction of a brand new story mode for the sequel. This is a huge step away from the original, which only let you battle it out against other gamers in online multiplayer. Some fans weren’t fans of this, saying it made it difficult for Blizzard to tell the Overwatch story to players, despite characters having detailed backgrounds and rich lore. 

Credit: Blizzard

Although the actual story remains a mystery at this point, what isn’t a mystery is that the sequel to Overwatch 2 will expand on pushing the narrative forward through its PvE mode.

As well as this, Dexerto reports that folks won’t find a single-player experience through this story campaign in the second Overwatch game, reporting that it will be linear and strictly set for co-op.

I thought I wanted an Overwatch pve mode but honestly focusing overwatch 2 on pve is a terrible idea…I thought maybe they’d change up the way you’d play through a story mission but just like events it rlly looks like there’s not much replay value there— Ashley 🌝 (@asheliren) February 15, 2020

i don’t get why ppl are complaining about overwatch 2 like everyone wanted a “campaign” or “story mode” for overwatch and here is it and some ppl are complaining about it i mean just stfu— traidez (@traidezcs) November 6, 2019

This means it’s looking likely that if you want to get in a few solo rounds, it won’t be possible. Instead, you might need other people to make it work, at least according to Overwatch Developer Jeff Kaplan.

Credit: Blizzard

In his forum response, Kaplan also added: “We’ll also have Hero Missions (which are highly replayable PvE backed by a progression system). The closest analogy (although neither is quite accurate) is Adventure mode in Diablo III or World Quests in WoW (again, not a great analogy but indicative of the level of replay we’re hoping for).

“For PvP we’re adding a completely new pool of PvP maps including a new game mode called Push.

“For both modes, new heroes will be added.”

This all sounds promising and it’s great to see Blizzard trying new things. But this means that if you would like to play Overwatch 2′s story from beginning to end, you’ve got to find some friends to complete it. However, if you can’t match up with people or you’re stuck with gamers that have no idea how to do a mission, then you’re screwed.

Credit: Blizzard

It’s not clear just yet whether bots will be a thing to cover for missing players or those that go AFK, but the sequel to the 2015 hero shooter is due to release on PC and home consoles sometime later this year.