Overwatch Demand Iis So High Blizzard is Using This Desperate Measure to Keep Up

Overwatch is finally out worldwide and the demand for the game has reached an all-time high. Gamers worldwide are lining up to purchase copies of the game. It’s no surprise that Blizzard is having a hard time meeting the demand for physical copies, and they’re trying their best to catch up.

However, you won’t believe that the company is also having issues keeping up with the demand for the digital version of the game. So much so that it’s making gamers queue up to get a chance to purchase a digital copy of the game.


Wait times range from 3 minutes to 10 minutes and the queues are longer than the ones in brick and mortar stores. This just shows how popular Overwatch is and it is looking poised to break a few records.

There might be several reasons why Blizzard might be doing this. For one, its servers might be genuinely getting clobbered at the moment due to too many people trying to purchase the game at once, but there’s also the possibility that this is just a safety measure to safeguard itself against possible DDOS attacks which might severely hinder its ability to meet demands.


Whatever be the reasons, it’s obvious Blizzard must have considered all other options before taking this measure. It might after eventually force potential buyers from delaying their transaction, and in some rare cases, give up on the idea of buying the game altogether.

The game has been in the news for all the right reasons, be it the extremely well-made animated shorts focusing on the story of its characters, or the highly praised beta for the game.

Overwatch has managed to tick all the right boxes and the surge in demand for the game shows how well things have panned out for Blizzard.