Overwatch Has Some Killer Hidden Settings For Its Heroes, Here’s How You Can Use Them

Overwatch is a first-person shooter game which provides the players with a lot of varieties. There are 21 different heroes in the game with their 21 different styles. The game has even provided an option to adjust the mouse sensitivities, custom keybindings and aiming reticles for the heroes.

There are also some more hidden options which can be found in the controls tab which are disabled by default and can be changed according to the preferences of the players.

These hidden settings can definitely make your Overwatch experience better, when they are set right. Here are some of the hero-specific changes which you can try out to enhance your Overwatch experience.

Kill feed display

Source: bagofgames.com

Source: bagofgames.com

The kill feed option was added by the developers when the game was in the middle of closed beta. The option, which is available in the gameplay tab of the options menu is disabled in the game by default.

The kill feed shows up on the top right corner of your screen and helps you know if your team was able to shut down the Tracer that went past you. It is advisable that you turn this option on.

Custom Reticles

Tracer looking sober

Tracer looking sober

Overwatch has no option to bring in your own reticle image in the game. However, the game provides an option to set custom reticles for each hero. You can select the color from a list which has seven different options and the shape from five preset options.

This option can make a vast difference in your accuracy in using some long range weapons. You can also start off by customizing your favorite character in the first place.

Dolby Atmos

This options will work best if you have got surround sound headphones. When you switch on the Dolby Atmos option for the first time, you will find it to be relatively quiet, but after getting on with the game for some time, the experience will certainly get better.

Overwatch already has great sound settings by default but Dolby Atmos makes it more better. It enhances the game’s 3D audio and allows you to track threats very well. This option does need nice hardware, and if you have one it’s worth switching on.

Widowmaker’s zoom sensitivity

If you plan to play the game using Widowmaker, this should be helpful. Widowmaker is the only character in Overwatch with a scope and she has her own options for it. One of the most important things in scoping is sensitivity and this option allows you to select your sensitivity according to your sniping skills.

Auto climb walls


A few characters have the ability to climb up the straight walls directly (Genji, Hanjo and Junkrat’s RIP-Tire). You can climb the walls using these heroes by holding down the jump key. However, when you enable the hidden auto climb walls option, you can scamper across any wall by hopping towards them by pressing space. Remember this option is hero-specific.

It is also notable that you’ll need some time to get this setting right as the timing in hopping the walls is very important. This process can be sometimes a bit slow as the characters need some time to get back on track after landing.

Allied health bars


Two characters, Soldier: 76 and Zarya, might not be support characters but they have the special ability to act as support characters. There is an option where you can make these two characters see their team’s health bars like other healing characters such as Mercy.

This feature can help save any of your teammates who are low on health. This is definitely an option to be turned on for both the heroes.

Warning: Don’t use ‘Hold to Crossfade’ option


As all the above options can enhance your Overwatch experience, one of Lucio’s specific configuration can just do the opposite. Lucio’s Hold to Crossfade option has some bugs and needs some fixing. The option doesn’t work well because it’s currently very unpredictable and unreliable. So it is advisable that if you are a Lucio player, you should avoid this option until it is fixed.

If you explore any additional options that enhances the overall experience of Overwatch, please let us know.