Overwatch Playboy parody magazine has been shut down by a copyright claim

Playwatch magazine was created by a Deviantart artist named Manusogi sometime last year, and as you might have already guessed, it was a take on Overwatch characters in racy Playboy-like avatars.

The artist created quite a few magazine covers featuring scantily clad Overwatch characters with sensational stories pasted all over it. It got popular and the project got bigger with an actual website called www.playwatchmagazine.com getting started.

The website featured actual articles along with several racy images of Overwatch characters in cartoon form. Needless to say, the project’s finally been shut down by Blizzard, which sent a copyright notice to the operators.

Here’s what the guys running the site have to say:

We have received a notification from a digital copyright protection agency that claims Playwatch Magazine infringes Blizzard’s intellectual property rights. For that reason, we have contacted Blizzard directly and decided to close the website until we have an answer from them

Sadly enough, the site is no longer accessible, but we have collected some of the racier covers for you to look at below (NSFW WARNING):