Overwatch PS4/Xbox One cross-platform play is being considered by Blizzard

In news that came out of nowhere, Blizzard just confirmed they’re open to the idea of supporting cross-platform play for Overwatch on consoles (PS4/Xbox One).


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The company confirmed this while replying to a tweet that inquired whether the game would ever feature cross-platform play. Although, it clearly stated that the game currently doesn’t support any form of cross-platform play, it also promised to “keep an eye on cross-platform possibilities on the consoles.”

However, Blizzard ruled out cross-platform support for the game when it comes to cross-play between PC and consoles citing that the developer felt that it might break the gameplay.

We have no plans for that. Mixing mouse/keyboard and controller can have balance and competitive issues.

Image: Overwatch

Image: Overwatch

This comes as a pleasant surprise for the Overwatch community, because if Blizzard does indeed decide to allow such a feature to be implemented into the game, it might prove to be a historic move.

However, it’ll also have to be approved by Sony and Microsoft, but this definitely opens up the possibilities for having a serious discussion among all the parties involved.

Blizzard’s been making all the right moves of late, whether it’s by banning thousands of Overwatch cheaters permanently, or giving out a witty reply to a fan’s plea for a free copy of the game.