‘Overwatch’ Related Pornhub Searches Jumped 817% During the Game’s Open Beta

Overwatch is an upcoming online multiplayer shooter from Activision Blizzard. It’s got a lot of attention lately, including an episode that involved removing a butt pose from the game (amidst protests from sensitive gamers) and replacing it with a even more sensual one (making those gamers even more sensitive).

Now, it seems people have enjoyed playing the game’s open beta quite a bit. In fact, it was enjoyed so much that many players wanted to see some ‘real action’ involving the game’s female characters.

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Image credit: Overwatch

Image credit: Overwatch

Pornhub released some rather interesting data about the game recently. It revealed that on Thursday, search terms related to the game jumped a staggering 817% on its website. Thursday was the day the open beta for Overwatch launched on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


This prompted a lot of players to pursue some exploits outside of the game by searching for obscene content involving the game’s characters. This was mostly a result of what many consider some excellent and sensual character design present in the game. So much so that some fans couldn’t contain their thirst or fantasies for the characters present in-game.

Oddly enough, fans aren’t searching for nothing. Overwatch’s main leads have already given birth to many types of fan art without any clothing whatsoever, and often times showing them engaging in a lot of unlady-like behavior. Fans doesn’t seem to complain too much about it, though.

The controversial butt pose that was removed from the game

The controversial butt pose that was removed from the game

Most of this content is found in the deepest and darkest corners of Tumblr, and Pornhub didn’t get in on the action yet until recently. However, that’s changed dramatically over the last few days, and the search terms now yields all kinds of erotic animated content for the game, which is enough to satiate the thirst of even the horniest of gamers.

This can only mean good things for the game since it shows how it has managed to grab the attention of its target audience which is primarily male in more ways than one. No prizes for guessing whom people searched the most when it came to the game. Tracer, who had amassed a huge fan following and a fair share of controversies ranked first according to the website.

The below chart gives you some more inisght:


Overwatch seems to be getting an audience that isn’t restricted to any country or continent. The search terms have come from all across the globe. People in Asia,  Europe and South America have all indulged in some Overwatch porn searching.

Tracer looking sober

Tracer looking sober

Blizzard must be having a giggle and high-fives must be a common phenomenon in the development office right now. Having people wanting to do unmentionable things to the characters of its upcoming game can only be a sign of good things to come (no pun intended).